Cross-genre Art

“Art cannot be criticized because every mistake is a new creation.” Take a look at this video which merges the genres of art and music in the most contemporary pop culture way. See if you can relate what you see to the process of writing and the form your writing takes.

The video moves forward in time as well as moving backwards in time. Not all pieces of writing are linear, the lyric essay certainly is not. What are all the possible ways you can manipulate time? Also take a look near the end of the video where the speakers merge in the city skyline line. In the lyric essay the greatest tool is association and the blending of two images so they run together seamlessly.


About Misfit Lit

You may be wondering what is a misfit really? Supposedly, a misfit is a "person not suited to his or her environment or work." I don't know about you, but this doesn't sound right to us. Not suited to our environment? Well, if we don't fit into these places, we'll just have to make one of our own. Misfit Lit is an art and literature based website for and about misfits. When we say misfits, we mean anyone who feels they don't belong, whether you're young, old, pink-haired, or plain clothed. If you identify with being a misfit, we want you here. For now, this site will mainly include blog entries and artwork created ourselves, our friends, and hopefully, from all of you lovely people out there. One day we hope to branch out and give our visitors a place to submit their own misfit-centric stories, poems, and artwork. In the meantime we hope you stick around and help us create a place where everyone belongs. Welcome Misfits!

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